SimCity Societies For Mobile Phones Coming

The return of one of PC gaming’s most popular series — SimCity — is coming to mobile! Electronic Arts Inc. announced today that SimCity Societies is available for mobile phones beginning this month in Europe, and soon to follow in North America. Create and manage your own metropolis in this versatile city-building game designed so that every decision influences the look, feel and success of each society.

Inspired by the highly-anticipated PC game, the mobile version allows players to not only construct the cities they desire, but also create unique cultures, societal behaviors and environments. SimCity Societies for cell phones welcomes new players to the SimCity franchise with casual ‘on-the-go’ gameplay perfectly suited for mobile. For SimCity fans they will find that the true benefit is in the game’s depth and the complexity to maximize the efficiency of their city.

Players start by choosing from a selection of scenarios or can begin with an empty patch of land. The goal is to then determine the look and feel of each society — from police state to liberal utopia — by placing down a variety of building types like homes, leisure spots, workplaces and industrial sites. With 50 buildings inspired from the PC game to choose from, players are able to give their city its own unique personality. As each city evolves, players will be able to unlock new buildings that can help advance — or regress — their society. Management skills are also required since the city will faces many challenges from their societies — including disasters like earthquakes and alien attacks.

"We are very excited to release the mobile version of SimCity Societies" says Javier Ferreira, VP of European Publishing, EA Mobile. "This is a great game for either someone new to the SimCity experience as it is engaging and rewarding quickly or for loyal SimCity fans to take the their game experience with them anywhere they go. The creativity and immersion offered on the mobile platform demonstrates the universal appeal of SimCity and its ability to translate well to the mobile game experience."

The SimCity franchise is one of the most popular PC gaming franchises in history, having sold more than 17 million games worldwide to date since the SimCity launch in 1989. Subsequent base game releases include SimCity 2000 (1989), SimCity 3000 (1989) and SimCity 4 (2003).

SimCity Societies on PC shipped to retails stores across North America and Europe on 13th November 2007.