Laptop Deals and Lies

This is a shopping day – the day after Thanksgiving. Great deals are advertised and, in some cases, it is really public deception. The advertising does not tell the whole story.

An example is from a very irate member of the security community. He saw a laptop that was advertised repeatedly in his local media. He did his research online and thought it would be a good basic machine for his daughter. He went directly to the store before going to work and arrived minutes after opening. When he asked a sales associate about the advertised laptop, it was sold out. It was in “limited supply“.

He was told that the store had five units. – However, there were other laptop models available. Of course, they were more expensive.

This is deceptive and insulting to the customers. It would show some honesty if the advertising said that there were ‘only five units available’ at that price. With the marketing competition, it is granted that the merchants need the ‘loss leaders’ to attract customers into the store. However, to have such small limited quantities is going to anger and antagonize customers.

The person who emailed vows never to set foot in that chain of stores again. Customers remember such marketing deception. It is no way to build customer loyalty.

Catherine Forsythe

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