Damn Small Linux

Users of slow, old and annoying machines running operating systems like Windows 98 at 89% of the hard drive is full of junk, a brilliant version of Linux called Damn Small Linux is here to help.

The whole operating system, comes packaged and under 50MB. Yes, Linux in 50MB. No wonder it’s damn small. Very creative name to it’s creators by the way.

Damn Small Linux (or DSL for short) comes without some of the useless pre-installed aps that you never use, and it comes without some of the more spacey aps. However, you do have the choice to download Firefox, Thunderbird or Open Office and keep the file limit under 50MB.

50MB is the very strict limit for DSL, and the exact file size is 48.63MB. Google it to download it.

If you have tried Damn Small Linux, or you are convinced to now, let me know what you think, what you think of Linux in general, or anything else you want to say related to this topic, leave me a comment by replying to this post. You will either need an account at Lockergnome, or to give your Name and E-mail Address.