Dock Any Application To The System Tray

Back in my Windows days, there was one application I simply could not live without – Tray-It! Designed as a simple yet brilliant application that allowed the user to dock any application next to their clock in the system tray on the Windows OS. Definitely one of my favorites, that’s for sure.

Back in the Linux world, there had long since been a gap here, at least for my desktop machines anyway. Then I found an application called Alltray. Much like the idea behind TrayIt, Alltry allowed me to “dock” any application of my choosing next to system clock. Very handy. What most people are totally unaware of however, is how to actually use it. So today, I will give you the quick run down.

Starting with an application shortcut from your desktop, assuming GNOME usage here (Ubuntu), right click on the application shortcut and select properties. Now if you chose something like your email client, you should be looking at a set of tabs to choose from. Select the Launcher tab. Looking carefully in the “Command” text box, type in


then hit the space key and leave the rest of the info intact. So for the Evolution program, it might look something like this:

alltray  evolution --component=mail

From this point on when opening the program from that specific shortcut, it will open up in the Linux equivalent of your system tray.

To install Alltray, just use your favorite package manager or in Debian based distributions, apt-get install alltray.

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