Live Documents – MS Office Supplement

Yesterday I took a look at the Live Document website that appears to be in the process of setting up shop and also taking invites to test the new site. According to some sources, Live Documents will allow users of MS Office to share their files. Though this doesn’t sound starling at first glance, what is ironic is that the founder of Live Documents is the same person who founded Hotmail and sold same to Microsoft in 1999.

Being intrigued with the possibility of sharing files from MS Office, I decided to sign-up for an invite. If you click on the link below, look up in the upper right corner under ‘Get Invited’. After which you should receive a confirmation email and be put on the list to test the beta software when released.

One could venture a guess that this is being done to get Microsoft’s intention and another possible sale of Live Documents to Microsoft. 🙂

Once the beta is released, I’ll report back with a review.

See website here.

Comments welcome.

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