Torvalds: Microsoft Is All FUD Up

In a recent interview, Linux founding father Linus Torvalds speaks his mind as always, and takes a peak into what may be in store for Linux during 2008. He also takes on the giant software company of Redmond fame and speaks about FUD [Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt], FUD, and more FUD , that spews from Microsoft. The master of Linux also speaks about virtualization and why it doesn’t float his boat. [Slang for – interest him.]

But the one thing of interest I found is Mr. Torvalds’ opinion about what he thinks will be beneficial to Linux [I would assume to Windows as well], is SSD [solid state drive] technology. As SSDs become more popular, and hopefully cheaper, this technology alone should have the biggest impact on performance. Reliability should be increased, as well.

Another interesting take from Mr. Torvalds is what he thinks is a Microsoft weakness:

This is actually the biggest strength of Linux. When you buy an OS from Microsoft, not only you can’t fix it, but it has had years of being skewed by one single entity’s sense of the market. It doesn’t matter how competent Microsoft — or any individual company — is, it’s going to reflect that fact.

Interesting point of view. I would imagine that this could apply to Apple as well. One company’s take on what we want and what we will get.

Overall I found the interview interesting and worth a read. Take a look and see what you think.

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Full article here.