Jalisa Mosley: Eight Years Old and Suspended from School

Jalisa Mosley is eight years old. She is in grade three. She was suspended:

“…Cuticle scissors, with blades less than an inch long, are what is keeping Jalisa Mosley from her third-grade class. Jalisa brought the manicure tool to Bolton-Edwards Elementary school to use as scissors.
An assistant principal saw her using the cuticle scissors to open a snack. Jalisa now faces a two day suspension for bringing a weapon to school.”

link: Scissors Get Suspension for 3rd-Grader

Couldn’t the assistant principal have taken this child quietly aside and explained that this tool was not allowed in school? The “weapon” could have been confiscated and a mention made to the parents. Instead, there is a suspension – and possibly long term consequences for this child. Who knows what national / international security data base now list Jalisa Mosley as a possible danger and risk. – No one knows because those data bases are a secret and classified.

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations
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