A Tribute to Salesmanship and Perseverance

Many will fault Microsoft for the buggy software that it produces. The words of disdain come for the tactics used to gain, and keep, market share by the Redmond giant. The company that many love to hate produces the bulk of the software used by computers today, and does so because of the ‘siege mentality’ and great salesmanship of the guy that started it all.

Mr. Gates was, first and foremost, a salesman. He is not the coder extraordinaire that Linus Torvalds is. Few remember that he purchased his first operating system, and then gave it some tweaks. But oh, that sales ability! He was able to swim the with the sharks from IBM and come out on the shore of his own island, with a mountain of money, and a company structure previously unseen in the modern world.

Once again, the world seems to be bowing to the will of Mr. Gates.

The latest word is that the OLPC will be fitted to use Windows XP, instead of the Linux derivative that was promised. No accounts are giving the full story of how this began to take shape, but the fact remains that another victory is looming for the boys with pocket protectors and pockets full of cash.

The open source community was hoping that the OLPC would be the savior long sought after, so that the Goliath that is Redmond could be put down at least one or two pegs. Now it appears that the children of the world will come to accept Microsoft Windows operating systems as the de facto standard, from their first use.

Congratulations to Microsoft, and heaven help the rest of us!

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