iPhone vs Voyager

The iPhone and the Voyager have been duking it out in the ring of public opinion (and the iPhone has been kicking butt, incidentally), but not every review has done a feature by feature comparison of the two phones:

“Lets layout some of the facts and features of both phones up against each other. The Apple iPhone as most of the “fans” and owners know does not have the 3G network support (built-in hardware) but the LG Voyager does. With that advantage over the iPhone it will attract the high-speed junkies of newer integrated PDA cell phones. One downside of this and what was most surprising to me was the LG Voyager does not have WI-FI. Ouch, that hurt when I typed it out, once again, the LG Voyager does not have WI-FI. I guess what some of you may be thinking now is why bother with WI-FI when you have a dedicated 3G network support (where available) at your fingertips, literally. Good point but is it really when we it comes down the battery life (Steve Jobs is laughing right now).”

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