Vista SP1 – Let The Writing Begin

I have previously mentioned that for the next few weeks we will be reading about all kinds of tests with varying results in reference to Vista w/SP1. I had also mentioned that we would need to be cautious in interpreting any testing procedures since there is really no accurate benchmarking available that is going to be representative of every computer system on the planet.

With this in mind, I read with an open mind a report from one writer that just couldn’t wait to report about the vastly improved networking speed, that at first was claimed to be a 300% increase, but later toned down the results some.

Yesterday I read an article from another noteworthy writer in regards to Windows XP w/SP3 that also claimed a speed increase over that of XP w/SP2.

Not to be out done, another writer who obviously hasn’t gotten his hands on either Vista SP1 nor XP SP3, wondered why after a year Microsoft hasn’t come out with any new applications that were promised to the Ultimate crowd?

In regards to the network speed of Vista w/SP1 let us just say that the network speed is now here it should of been when Vista was first released. Not fix a year later. A safe way to state network speed is to say Vista w/SP1 now is equal to XP. 🙂

Windows XP w/ SP3 is faster than with SP2? OK. I didn’t see it but that is not to say that this is not the case for everyone.

Microsoft hasn’t introduced any new applications for Ultimate? I recall Ballmer telling us that the apps for Ultimate would knock our socks off. Mine are still on my feet.

There will be more stories coming forth once the beta becomes public. Hold on. It’s going to be a rough ride.

Comments welcome.

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