Re: Hewlett-Packard – Where is my Laptop?

In response to this mornings post

After 9 hours, I have finally figured out what is going on with my laptop.  I have to say that I am beyond furious at this point.  Read on to figure out why!

  • 9am: Phone call to my case manager (Richard).  I am told that he is away from his desk.  Message left for him to call me by 11am
  • 11am: Phone call to Richard.  I am told that he is on break.  Call back in 15 minutes
  • 11:15am: Phone call to Richard.  I am told that he is away from his desk, possibly in a meeting.  Message left by senior case manager for Richard to call me back ASAP
  • Noon: Drive to school to study for my biology final
  • 2pm: Phone call to Richard.  I am told by Jason that Richard is definitely in the office today as he saw him earlier in the morning.  I am put on hold while Jason goes to find Richard.  Jason comes back to inform me that Richard is indeed out of the office today — and that he has not been here at all.  Jason informed me that their ‘tool’ is down, and they cannot check the status of my order.  Jason would keep trying, but advised me to call Richard in the morning
  • 8:30pm:  Phone call to India.  I find out that my laptop has been sitting on the bench for the last week because HP did not know what the original problem was.  Turns out when they canceled my first order, no one bothered to transfer over the notes.  For some odd reason they decided not to call me — hoping I would call them.

My laptop is supposed to be here tomorrow morning.  India says that it will not happen (obviously).  I have been advised to call back in 48 hours for an update.  Richard will be hearing from me at 9am tomorrow.