Stay Off the Baggage Claim

A two-year-old girl who wandered off in an airport suffered cuts and bruises after she was whisked into a baggage conveyor belt system.The toddler walked through an empty check-in desk at Manchester Airport and hopped on to the luggage machine.She was then swept down the four-mile long tunnel of the conveyor system and trapped before being rescued by an engineer.

A source said her clothes had been torn but she only needed hospital treatment for cuts and bruises. It was not known if she had passed through an X-ray machine but she was discovered in the first of three tiers of the baggage system.

The girl went missing at about 6:45 p.m. last Thursday, as her parents joined the line for a flight to Islamabad in Terminal 2.

She wandered off as they checked in their own luggage.” (Link)

There are two issues at hand here. The first being the parents, and the second being the airport. If you are traveling with a young child you need to keep them in your eye sight at all times; especially in big areas like an airport. With so many people around, things can happen in the blink of an eye. It is good that nothing worse happened to the child. She could have been kidnapped or even worse — killed. If one of the two parents would have kept their eyes on their daughter then the entire issue would have been avoided.

The backup system should be the airport. If a conveyor belt is turned on, then there should be a staff member near by watching it. Even though the ticket agents are busy helping the customers in line — someone should have noticed that there was a girl on the belt. Thankfully an employee who was paying attention eventually found the girl.

Luckily her injuries were not too severe. However if the parents were not so neglectful there would have been no injuries at all.