My Credit Sucks

So this weekend, I discovered that because I missed a single payment, all of my credit cards shot my interest rate on my existing balance to 33%. I immediately called the credit card companies. I got the usual runaround. “We’ll let you know in a few days.” When I finally get my snail mail telling me what my new rate is, it will probably only be lowered by a few points. So based on the advice I have been given, I have these choices:

1. Go through the credit union at my work and get a loan to consolidate.

Pro: Offer better rates than you would find at a bank.
Con: It takes a while to apply for a credit union, then I have to wait for the loan approval, if I get approved at all.

2. Go to a competing bank and secure a debt consolidation loan.

Pro: Quick answer and service.
Con: Don’t get a rate like you can get with a credit union.

3. Find credit cards that offer 0%  or low rates on transferred balances.

Pro: Quickest and easiest method.
Con: Risk of getting roped into using credit more with a new card.