Three Things to Remember About Packing for a Flight

If you are flying this month, there are some things to remember about packing and passing through security with less stress:

1. Don’t wrap your gifts. Even if the present goes in checked luggage, don’t wrap it. If your luggage is tagged for inspection, gift wrapped presents just cause more problems. It will be upsetting to see your carefully wrapped gifts opened. It is just easier to leave the gift wrapping until after you have arrived at your destination.

2. Leave all medication in their original container or packaging. Prescription medication will have the necessary documentation to prevent lengthy inquiry and possible delays.

3. Pack personal items such as your toothbrush and toiletries in a clear plastic bag. This will speed up any possible inspection and perhaps prevent the extra handling of these items.

With the heightened security, there really is no expectation of privacy before flying. The lines will be long and patience will be stressed. These packing suggestion may speed up the inspection process and show that you have given some consideration to the security process.

Catherine Forsythe

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