Eye Floaters – An Everyday Vision Annoyance

For quite some time I have had floaters in my right eye. While the type of floaters I have in my eye are not a threat to my  vision, they do cause a great deal of worry and grief. This is due in part to my habit of focusing on these little hazy specs because they are so annoying. People with floaters will usually notice them when they are looking at white backgrounds, such as a computer monitor, or at the sky on clear day. I have found that by wearing tinted glasses during my computer use and sunglasses when outdoors, their appearance is dramatically reduced. Interestingly enough, I have read that many near-sighted (a condition know as: myopia) people complain that they have floaters. I guess I too can add myself to this statistic, because I am also near-sighted. This little floater in my eye was such a nuisance upon its untimely and unwanted arrival that I used to have panic attacks and experience bouts of depression. I searched and searched for information on the net that would cure this problem. All I found were articles on magical eye drops and crazy supplements I should use to cure my ailment. After much frustration, I finally decided to seek the advice of an eye specialist.

After seeking the opinion of a specialist in the Houston area, I found that the type of floater I have is caused by the break down of the vitreous inside my eye. No magical eye drops or supplements would be helping this problem. The type of floater(s) I have requires annual check-ups to ensure that the gradual break down and pull away of the vitreous humour from the back of my eye does not take the retina with it. This would be very bad! This type of problem is know as retinal detachment, which can cause blindness. Fortunately, I am a low risk patient with a caution rating of 1/2 out of 10. I was also told this was just something that I was going to have to live with. The only other solution was to have a vitrectomy. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? No. This procedure is used to completely drain the eyeball of all the vitreous humour, the thick clear gel that fills your eye, in order to eradicate the broken down materials, protein deposits, and other junk that cause floaters. The eye is then re-filled with a saline solution. Not really my cup of tea. Besides, the doctor told me that the only candidates for this procedure are those individuals who are driven to the brink of madness by their condition (i am not there yet, nor brave enough to have the surgery) or those who’s vision is being dramatically affected. There is another procedure involving lasers but it is not advised either by my doctor. I was also warned that if I experienced “showers” of floaters or bright flashes of light to get to the doctor immediately, as this is a sign of detached retina. I know of these warning signs very well, as my grandmother has gone through a detached retina. Not fun.

Do you have floaters? Do you have any tips that you would like to share? Please leave me a comment and let me know what you have been experiencing. I would be interested to hear your stories. Hang in there, know that I am right here with you. The way to beat this problem is to learn how to decompress, stay calm, wear shades, and try to forget about them.

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