Nintendo Wii – Great Console & Great Games

As I previously mentioned, my wife and I were fortunate enough to latch onto a couple of Wii consoles for the X-Mas holidays for our grandkids. That’s not really true. I think the parents have more fun than the kids do. I have learned some things over the X-mas holidays that you may already know about using a Wii, but if you don’t, these tips may help.

The Wii is really interactive. The sports disk that comes with the console requires some real physical exertion on the users part. If you register your Wii Ninento will send you game controller covers for free. These covers are made of heavy rubber and help you hang on to the controller itself. Also using the supplied wrist straps are a must. Swing the controller like a bat or golf club can really build up some speed and a user could lose controller of the controller itself.

On X-Mas day we hooked up the Wii to a 40″ RP TV and the graphics are very good. You soon learn that you need to stand back aways from the TV in order to play the sports games. We moved the coffee table out of the living room in order to provide more room. Doing this actually increased the amount of room we had to swing and move around.

Your going to need some accessories as well. Just buying a console unit all by itself isn’t going to make it. You will need another game controller to play against each other. Also some additional games should be on your list. The Mario games appear to be very popular.

For the boxing game another add on Nunchuk controller is a must for two person play. The second Wii we gave to our grandkids in Texas during Thanksgiving. My son-in-law really enjoys the boxing game. As I mentioned before, the adults get a big kick out of playing the Wii as well. 🙂

Another option we are looking at is a Wii charger station which includes rechargeable batteries for the controllers. I’m sure we will find additional accessories we will need down the road. Today I’m going to visit a store that has used games for all types of gaming consoles as well as PC games. Hopefully we can find some used games to add to the enjoyment of the Wii.

What has been your experience with the Wii? Please share your thoughts.

Commenst welcome.