Political Spin – Where Reality Becomes Beta

With the public about to make some political decisions, perhaps it is best to suspend the expectation of truth. What the public will have is an increasing diet of political spin and reframing of reality.

Let’s use Senator Clinton as an example. In January 2007, Senator Clinton announced her candidacy for President with the following statement: “I’m in and I’m in to win“. Now, with Iowa about to make a decision, the spin is:

“As the presidential candidates engage in furious pre-caucus spin, one of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s most prominent Iowa supporters said Wednesday that she’s already accomplished what she needs to in Iowa, and can declare success even if she finishes in third place.”

link: Clinton Camp Pre-Spinning Possible Bad News in Iowa

Does Senator Clinton win by being third? – It is not just Senator Clinton’s camp that does this. This is just a readily available example. It would not be difficult to find this sort of maneuvering for each and every candidate. And it is insulting to the voting public.

During the term of the next president, there will be crises – either natural and/or ‘man made’. What the public will want is straight forward, honest answers. Can any of the present candidates be counted upon to supply that? What people want is candor, even when the answer may not be pleasant. Unfortunately, what people can expect is spin and reality reframed. The premise is that the public does not need the unvarnished truth. And if the spin is presented often enough, people will begin to believe.

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations
FlyingHamster: http://flyinghamster.com/

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