Flash Drive Flash Dance

Today, John asks:

Hey Matt,

I’m a bit confused with the Readyboost feature in Vista. I’ve set a USB flash drive to function as a Readyboost drive, but when I go back in to look at the setting, it does not stay selected. Do I have to set this feature with each reboot? Is this normal?

To my knowlege, no. But I may be wrong here. My understanding is that following this path will give you the desired results. With that being said, I did find out that there are others having issues with this as well. Now I have no idea whether or not you are using one of the sticks that Vista refuses to use, but it sure sounds like it to me. Therefore, barring someone else posting another thing to try, I would give this a shot.

Just a little registry hacking and you should see RB working for you after following all of the instructions closely. Good luck!

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