File Sharing is Not to Blame for Falling Album Sales

It’s been quite obvious that the recording industry is losing money for quite some time. U.S. album sales have fallen 9.5% in 2007. Every article you read about this blames file sharing networks. How can this be when sales of digital music sales have soared 45%? Not all people with computers know how to use a file sharing network. Even though I am in the technical industry, I can honestly say that half my friends probably don’t even know what a file sharing network is. Many that do know don’t even use file sharing networks to get their tunes. I even buy more music on iTunes now more than I ever did in the day of record stores. If you asked me, file sharing networks are a very small problem for the recording industry. They have bigger problems to fix.

Music sucks

Yes, I’m saying it. Music sucks these days! Bands and groups are often manufactured, and I believe music fans are tired of it. There’s no kid in his garage with a guitar anymore just making music from the heart. Bands and music are made like movies now, to meet a certain demographic. Hardly any of it is worth buying.

People used to be able to find many albums where every song was great. Now you’re lucky to get 3 songs you enjoy listening to on one album. Songs and albums have also gotten shorter. Gone are the days of the 10 minute long epic song. Now the average song seems to be between 2 and 3 minutes long, yet albums still contain only about 10, 12 or sometimes as little as 8 songs.

I listen to my radio

We now live in the age of radio, HD Radio, XM and Sirius. We have many more ways to listen to our music now. We can always find something that we like with all of these different options. People used to buy tapes and CD’s to listen to when nothing good was playing on the radio. With all these options, demand for CD’s just fall to the side.

MTV doesn’t really play music videos anymore

I feel MTV was huge for the recording industry back in the 80’s and 90’s. Everybody was watching MTV for music videos. This was a 24 hour advertisement for the music industry that they have since lost. I believe the best move for the recording industry would be to step up and make their own music video cable channel.

We have cooler things to buy

Video games, robots and software. The music industry has to compete with these things too. We have many more choices when we go to Best Buy to buy things. The music industry has failed to advance and adjust to the demands of the market and make new products available. Halo 3 is just much more cooler to purchase than a CD.

The RIAA’s Attitude

The whole deal with the RIAA crying about losing money and going broke is wearing on consumers. After years of record sales and pretty much raping consumers with high prices, they now cry about losing money. Now the RIAA is even crying about people ripping the music they own. Instead of building relationships with their customers, they bitch about everything they do with their music. This turns many people off and is the reason many people use file sharing networks in the first place.

The constant battle between the RIAA and consumers has got to end. If maybe the recording industry just worked on some of their other problems, they would be able to compensate for lost sales. It’s easier to point the finger and place blame. It’s also why, the recording industry will continue to lose money, because us consumers have better things to spend money on.