Podcast Weather Reports – Subscribe To Your Local Weather


At one time, I was not too concerned about the weather until something went bananas and I wished I had paid a little more attention early on. The biggest problem was my lack of wanting to subscribe to a newspaper or forcing myself to remember to visit a website for the latest weather before bad weather hit my home town.

In recent years, working with WeatherBug has been a great solution for me on this front as I have so many ways to stay up on the latest weather threats. And believe me, they do hit close to home when I least expect it to.

Since I have started work with the company, they have implemented so many ways to keep up with the latest dangers that it is enough to boggle the mind. For people such as myself who spend most of their time on the computer, I have found the three following methods to be the most effective:

How can the podcasts be as effective for me as the WeatherBug application?

If you are watching Chris Pirillo’s video content, Diggnation, DLTV, Cranky Geeks or other popular podcasts – this is the perfect fit. Let me explain…

When you open up your favorite video agreggator such as iTunes, Miro, etc, chances are one of the first stops are to see what new videos have been downloaded from your podcast subscriptions? And as a WeatherBug’s video podcast subscriber, you will be able get the latest national weather report with your morning coffee, along with other podcasts you have subscribed to.

For those of you savvy enough to appreciate Miro as a video aggregator, you will find that for US-based news, WeatherBug is in a class all its own. Miro is the application I use exclusively and it makes viewing the latest national weather forecast a snap.

What does the weather report look like?

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Where can you grab the feed?

Two important questions, both with easy to follow up with answers. You can subscribe to the WeatherBug National Outlook one of the following ways: