Digital Camera For Cats?

Gnomie Donna writes:

Hi, Chris!

I am writing to you for help! I have been searching the Internet for months and months, looking at a million different reviews, trying to compare, and trying to understand something I don’t really understand that well at all.

Can you help me?

I am desperately trying to find the best digital camera for taking pictures of my cats. I know all the tips about how to take their picture, I just can’t seem to figure out which digital camera to use because there are just too many and it’s so confusing.

I just end up frustrated with a migraine.

All I want is a camera that I can point and shoot. I would prefer if it didn’t have a million different settings — that’s too confusing for me — I don’t totally understand ISO settings and megapixels and all the rest of it. I just want to take a really good picture of my cat.

I would love to take one of those pictures where you zoom right in on the cat’s face and see every little detail — every hair — like you can almost literally feel the softness of it.

Price is sort of an issue — but if I can get one that really gives me the pictures I want, I wouldn’t mind saving up for it. Also, I imagine the pictures I want may require a more expensive camera.

I LOVE taking pictures of my cats — but the cameras I have tried in the past very often do not want to cooperate with me. Of course there’s the ever present ‘red/cat’ eye problem. I know about not having them look straight at you and all that… it’s just sometimes I do want them looking straight at me. And the flash — well, I just love outdoor pictures, but most of the times the pictures I want are indoors. My cats don’t really go outside, and so I need the flash.

Over the years I’ve taken some really great shots of animals, and gotten quite good at it — in fact I think I may have missed my calling — I should have been a pet photographer…

I just need help with the camera.

I know they have the image stabilizer thing now which would help a lot, and they also have cameras that have settings that are supposed to be for ‘pets,’ but most of the reviews I’ve read seem to say that setting is not all that great? I remember reading one person say that the ‘pet eye fix’ made his cat’s eyes black when they are supposed to be green.

Thank you so much for your time!