The Exhausted Blogger

After this week, I am seriously considering renaming this blog to “The Exhausted Blogger”! I have finally made it to the BlogHaus and hope to spend a while sitting here chatting and blogging. I hope to hear from several of you with things you have seen and heard this week.

So, what have I seen? Short version:
APCUG was great! Met and re-met so many people that I can’t even keep track with everyone. Will be posting some of what I learned during the day. M

Saturday morning presentation on PPT went well. They didn’t stump me… or at least not beyond where I could get out of. To be honest, I was worried that some of the ringers would throw stuff at me that I couldn’t handle… but I got lucky.

Saturday afternoon was the Social Media presentation Betsy and I did. It went well, but there weren’t as many people as we hoped. We had only one internet connection, so we couldn’t hook up Chumby. We did get to show off a bunch of SocMed sites. Watch for an update there too.

Sunday after CES  Betsy and I did some screen casting. Watch for the results on The Visual Lounge in the future. If you don’t see the post, bug her!

Monday, we wandered the floor. I have pictures to post on Flickr. If I get those up, I will blog them too.

Right now, I am at Blog Haus. As soon as I post this, I am going to show Eric Engleman  what he is missing in OneNote. Should be a blast.

 Watch for updates!