Taser: Providing Security, Music and Fashion

Taser is in the midst of a massive marketing effort. There has been a longstanding effort to associate tasers with personal security. Recently, there has been added value given to the taser product. It can provide music. Now, tasers can be part of a fashion statement too:

“Metallic pink. Electric blue. Titanium silver. Black pearl.

These may sound like a catalog of colors for the newest model of iPod. But they are actually shades of the latest Taser stun gun.”

link: Taser gets personal

Taser marketing has gone to the level of person to person marketing. There are now taser-house-parties to introduce the product to friends, family and neighbours. Think of this as a Tupperware type gathering. The availability of this product raises two concerns. The first is that criminals also have access to the taser. And that does not enhance security. The second concern is that this product will be available to the public without sufficient training in its use. There have been deaths associated with the use of this product, although the company denies that the taser is lethal. The wide availability of the product, coupled with lack of sufficient training, will lead to mishaps.

One segment of the population that will benefit from the easy availability of tasers is lawyers. Undoubtedly, lawsuits will follow.

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations
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