Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Today, as readers asks:

“I’ve just finished installing my granite tile countertop and now I want a backsplash to go with it, but I need help. I have no idea what backsplash design best goes with my new granite tile countertop? Please help.”

A lot of people ask me for kitchen backsplash ideas after installing granite tile or some other type of countertop. Everyone has their own style or idea. There is no one answer to this question. What I can tell you, is where to go to start getting some ideas of what you like and what’s possible.First thing, go to a tile shop or home improvement warehouse. Look at the tile displays. Take a chunk of your granite or counter top with you, and just look around. Start getting an idea of what you like and what catches your eye. I guarantee you’ll find something you would of never thought of. After looking around for sometime if you still haven’t found an idea or tile you like.

Next go look at design books and magazines and see if you can find anything there. Whenever I start a project, no matter what it is I go to a couple of places and I look around at there displays. Then I go to a place like Home Depot and Lowe’s and go to their book and magazine section and I make myself comfy. Here’s the thing you might not know. They allow you to just sit around and look at all their books. Because they want to encourage you to buy the products to do your project. It’s like going to the library but with more current information.

Another thing to try, before you start installing your tile play with the placement. Do you like the tiles going across in lines or diagonal. Do you want to make another pattern, or place a rope or listello near the top or bottom. Play with your tile and see if anything catches your eye. Try some of the patterns you saw at the tile shop and see if they work for your space and decor.

There are a lot of things that are popular right now, natural stone is usually a hit, glass tiles are also popular. But it’s going to depend on what look you’re going for and what matches your existing granite tile countertop. The only way you are going to know that is by getting out of the house and looking at the product. Don’t be afraid to use a catalog or a computer to get a general idea of what you want ahead of time. In the end, you’ll want to do everything in person. But using your computer can often be a huge time saver. Remember, you are just looking for some ideas before heading out the door to buy.

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