Back On The Air In Philadelphia


Did you know that for many communities throughout the US, WeatherBug is used by a number of local TV stations for gathering the local weather forecast information? In the ever-growing Philadelphia region, WeatherBug is now broadcasting the latest weather data directly to CBS 3 KYW.

Why is KYW using WeatherBug?

  • The proven accuracy of WeatherBug’s weather stations and the instant cams attached to many of those weather stations means live, local weather availability, as it happens. This is especially helpful when needing to discern where it is snowing vs raining in any given part of the area.
  • Being able to present accurate weather information for specific neighborhoods in the Philadelphia region. This translates into happier viewers watching CBS 3 KYW for their local weather report.
  • And finally, without any extra effort on the part of the TV station, CBS 3 KYW is also supplementing the existing curriculum for students at Audubon ES in Norristown, PA.

Why this is so exciting for Weatherbug?

Philly is WeatherBug’s 4th largest broadcast market. This partnership with CBS 3 KYW launched on January 16th of this year is expected to be a huge boon for both KYW and WeatherBug alike. And best of all, it is the viewers of KYW that will benefit the most.