Top 5 Reasons to Buy the iPod Touch January Upgrade

My friend sent me an instant message today, letting me know that there was a new update out for the iPod Touch. I went over to my computer and investigated the update. To my surprise there were two available updates. One was free, and the other was offered for $19.99. After seeing what was offered in the “purchase” upgrade, I immediately bought it and have not looked back since. Here are the top five reasons why you should buy the upgrade:

  1. For $20 dollars you can get access to tons of software that, before today was exclusive to the iPhone. Software includes mail, weather, stocks, Google maps, and Notes
  2. The ability to reorganize the home screen of the iPod Touch. Now you can monve items around in any order needed. There is also room for two additional home screens. Perhaps you share the iPod with a family member — now you can both have the home screen just how you like it
  3. The update allows users to display lyrics to their favorite songs. I have yet to figure out how to work this feature — but it sounds nifty in concept
  4. “Notepad”. I have always wanted a place where I could put a ToDo list or something similar. Now I have such a place
  5. And my favorite reason of all — the mail application. Now I have easy access to gmail (without having to load safari). The mail application allows allows for other mail servers such as AOL mail.

Overall the January update is definitely worth the $20 dollars!