Shreve Stockton, Charlie and Eli Score a Book Deal

It just had to happen. Shreve Stockton is just too talented, in her writing and photography about her Wyoming adventure with Charlie and Eli, not to have a book. The book is due in the fall of 2008:

“…Marysue Rucci preempted world rights to a memoir by 30-year-old photographer Shreve Stockton titled The Daily Coyote: A Year with Charlie, derived from her popular blog of the same name; Stacey Glick at Dystel & Goderich made the sale…”

link: Shreve’s Book

If you have not been following Shreve Stockton, you owe yourself a visit to her site. This book deal is richly deserved. I only want to add one further personal comment and that is… “I can’t wait to buy my copy!” – Well done, Shreve!

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations

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