Paid To Drive Your Car

After receiving a lot of interest from my free prepaid gas cards post, a number of people ended up tracking me down via Google to email a question that I apparently missed – where are the programs where you get paid to drive your car? Paid as in paid real money.

Today, I will show you where you can find companies that will pay you to drive your car. The trick of course, is avoiding scams and con artists with little more than a malicious intent.

  • Freecar – Yes, you can seriously drive a new car after completing an application. The only catches are you have to be selected by meeting a demographic advertisers are looking for, pay for your own gas and drive the car as per the rules of the program. Yes, this program is legit. You can find out more about the company that makes it all possible from this link.
  • For Free Cars – You can find these guys on click bank. I believe the home page information to be legitimate, however I would remind you that it is a how-to, not a direct line for a new car. So understand that. There is nothing wrong with buying tips on how to better your chances, but understand what you are buying. This is legit with the above firmly understood.
  • Free Car Source – Again, clearly selling you information, this one goes one under and makes you feel like they are the same thing as Freecar. Why do I say this? Because of their “localized search offering” on this page. To prove this to be complete bunk, I wisely used the zip code for Bethel, Alaska. Anyone from AK knows as well as I do that not too many advertisers are going to sponsor anyone from this village to drive a new car. It’s just not going to happen. Yet according to this “search function” provided, there are programs available? I find this highly suspect. Information sold may indeed be legit, but their search box most certainly appears to be fake.

Final words of wisdom.

In most cases, legitimate programs will be giving you the cash or providing you with free prepaid gas cards as payment. That said, it is still worth checking out various eBooks promising to show you where to find these types of companies that will pay you to drive a new car. Just remember folks, look for these things before spending any money.

  • Shop around. If it sounds like BS, it likely is.
  • Does the source offer a money back guarantee? Try to buy from click bank as they do.
  • Find a source for help, then sleep on it. If it still sounds like buying the product with the promise of helping you qualify is a good deal, then by all means buy it. As stated previously, finding an eBook with help on getting paid to drive is perfectly fine. But do some homework first before whipping out that credit card.