Call of Duty 4 – First Person Spooker

Recently, while playing Call Of Duty 4 with my buddies, I have really taken notice to how much detail was put into this first person shooter, specifically, the soundtrack and the ambient noises. Never before have I become so spooked by sounds on a video game. In conjunction with the awesome environmental detail and gameplayers, the soundtrack makes me feel as if I am actually within the game.

Real world feelings such as anxiety, nervousness, fear and hesitation are present and at times may cause FPS gaming paralysis – where one is unable to react to the threat of death. I have even noticed that my pulse races during certain segments of the soundtracks. Why would I want to put myself through these feelings? Because it is fun! This game is just what I needed to lift me out of my video game depression. Call of Duty 4 is definitely a First Person Spooker!

The Sensei – 4four1ones