Things your cell phone can do that you may not know!

Today I thought I would post a few lesser known uses for your cell phone. These are things that are out there but not very many people know about them.

1. GOOGL: Send a text message to GOOGL (46645) with a search query, like “Chinese restaurants, Times Square” or “Weather 11215” or “Define existential” and you’ll get a free text message right back from the search company. You can look for a specific number by entering the name of the business, state, zip.

2. 1-800-FREE411: Dial this to get free directory service. Most cell phone companies now charge up to $1.75 to call 411. This is a free way to do it. You have to listen to an advertisement or two, but it’s worth it.

3. *67: This works just like it does for land lines. It blocks you Caller ID from brodcasting to whomever you are calling. Simply dial *67 before you dial the area code and number. Some newer phones also have the capability to set the Caller ID on or off.

4. Amber Alerts: You can set up Amber Alerts on your phone. Simply go to . Your cell phone company will not charge for this service or the text you receive from Amber Alerts.

5. Voice Dialing: Most phones allow you to set this up so you can say the name of therson you want to call rather than dialing manually.


Here are some cell phone tips I have seen and heard about that are completely FALSE!

1. Use your cell phone to remotley unlock your car: This is a “tip” for when you lock your keys in your car. It states to do this have someone who has a spare remote call you on your cell, you then point your cell phone at the car while they press the remote button close to their phone. THIS DOES NOT WORK!

2. Hidden battery power: This one states that you can dial *3370# on your cell phone and it will magically give you a 50% charge to your battery. DOES NOT WORK

3. Disable a stolen cell phone: This one says if you call your service provider because your phone was stolen, you need to give them the number that comes up when you dial *#06# and they can keep the phone from being used. FALSE: This number is your phone’s IMEI number and is unique to your phone. When you call your service provider, they will “tag” that number as stolen and it will block that phone from being activated on that network. If, however, the thief unlocks the phone, there is no way for a different carrier to know that it is stolen. There is a “black list” that is used in Europe but this has not yet been implemented in the US. The main reason to call your provider when your phone is stolen is to prevent you from being charged for any usage!