Slim or Thick?

Well, let’s forget for a moment about the Appple MacBook Air, claiming to be the thinnest notebook in the world. It also has a full size keyboard, large screen, generous trackpad and Leopard. But for the minute, let’s forget about what Air can offer us and just think about what you would want if the Air wasn’t around.

Say you had the chance to get a notebook, you need to carry it around for work (you often put on presentations) or you just want to take it over to a friend’s house, into the city using Wifi or just generally out and about. Often, because of how small these things need to be, Apple seems to claim that they have to cut back on some of the features (smaller keyboard, smaller screen etc.)

As well as portability, you also cannot stand messing about with small keyboards or trackpads that you need to fiddle with and you want a large screen. Keep in mind that the Macbook Air isn’t here yet.¬† What do you do? Do you go and get a thin, small laptop with some of the setbacks, or do you get a bigger and thicker laptop for the features. What would you choose?

I personally would have to go with larger and thicker notebooks. Although I do like the fact that it is thin and portable, I could probably get a normal laptop around just as easy, and I wouldn’t have to fiddle about with the disadvantages of the size of it. Of course, Apple is claiming that these setbacks¬† are not to be included in the Macbook Air.

Are you going to be puchasing a Macbook Air? Have you already pre-ordered one. If so leave a comment. Also let me know what you would want: small, thin, portable and fidely or larger, thicker, still rather portable and simple. Remember you can always leave a comment.