Why the new ASUS $500 “iMac Killer” is doomed to failure – at least against the iMac.

ASUS seems to think that people are switching to OS X and to Apple products because they are dissatisfied with Windows XP and Vista.  And if ASUS releases an alternative to Windows at a lower cost then people will abandon the Apple platform for this new all-in -one desktop.  While the new computer would certainly be an option for some in their desire to leave Windows behind, it is highly unlikely that this new product will pull any sales away from the iMac line.  For starters, Linux, despite being flashy and easy to install, still isn’t as easy to use and media friendly as the Macintosh.  There is no easy Linux application that compares with what the iLife suite offers standard, there is no Microsoft Office for Linux, and there isn’t the driver support for peripherals and wireless networking like there is under OS X.  Linux forums are full of posts about people asking about how to setup drivers for their wireless cards, printers, and other peripherals and half the time the answers involve changing some text file somewhere – something that the average computer user will not want to do.  Linux might be ready to take on Windows Vista at this point, but it has a long way to go before it is ready to challenge Mac OS X for ease of use, features, and consumer friendly software applications.  The new ASUS computer will likely cut into the sales of companies like Dell and HP for the bottom end models, but this talk of being an “iMac Killer” has to be nothing more than an attempt at grabbing headlines – much like every new MP3 player hails itself as the new “iPod Killer” and then gets press coverage based on that statement alone.