Extra Wide Window Blinds

Today, a readers asks:

What do you use for blinds if you have a really wide window? My window is 106″ across and I don’t know what I can put on it. I wanted to use wood or faux wood blinds but nothing goes that wide. Do I need some kind of extra wide window blinds? Please Help!

The way I see it, you have a couple of options for your extra wide windows.

1) If using heavy wood or faux wood blinds is really important to you, separate the blinds. You are not stuck to simply having one blind in that opening. Or go multiple blinds on one headrail. If you have a window that is separated at all, either with one slider to open or two. You can measure the inside from first the left wall to the center of the divider, then from that center to the next or to the right wall. These measurements will make sure the gap on the blind is lined up with the dividers and will still let you keep maximum privacy. (see diagram below)


2. Look into different styles that may go wider than wood or faux wood blinds. For example cellulars, roller shades, mini blinds and vertical blinds. The key is to finding a lighter weight material to span your gap. And check more than one company. Hunter Douglas and Levolor both make really wide cellular shades. Everyone’s vertical blinds will go that far, and alot of aluminum mini blinds will fill that gap easily.

You still have options even with a wide window, choose which aspect is the most important to you. Either having wood blinds or having one continuous shade and then proceed accordingly.

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