Five Favorite Web Browsers

Gnomie Luke Blowes writes:

5. Microsoft Internet Explorer. The most stable and developed supported Internet browser, Internet Explorer introduces many great features and upgrades for Microsoft Internet Explorer users, borrowing several great features from its competitors over at Firefox and Opera.

4. Mozilla Firefox. Firefox has become quite famous over the last couple of years and it keeps picking up traction. This is mostly due to its better security features and Open Source nature that allows it to rapidly grow.

3. Apple Safari. The Safari browser is best known for its blazing performance on the Mac, but now it is also available for use on any platform. Safari loads pages up to two times faster than Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox.

2. Opera. The Opera 9 Web browser is the most rugged and best cross-platform browser out there.

1. My favorite is Flock. Flock is by far the best social Web browser of its kind, because it’s not just a powerful Web browser but it’s also a great publishing and social tool for any user.

While my favorite is Flock, there is no best Web browser; in the end it comes down to which one suits you best.