Top Five Laptop Accessories

Gnomie Dezmon Reid (Dproductionz1 in our chat room) writes:

Number 5: Laptop Dock

The number 5 laptop accessory to have when you have a laptop is a dock. Most laptops now have docks and can be very useful. They make the laptop comfortable to use while at a desk or for just a stationary laptop. Another reason it is useful because it contains ports that your laptop may not.

Here’s a great Web site for laptop docks.

Number 4: Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

This is a big one! Instead of being slumped up over your laptop, purchase yourself a wireless keyboard and mouse. With a laptop dock, this will make it easy to sit back in a chair and control your laptop when it is stationary.

Number 3: Carrying Case

Another big one when you are out and about and carrying your laptop; have you ever had to carry an extra bag? A useful laptop bag will help to carry around all your accessories, pens, pencils, external hard drives, webcams, etc. all at the same time.

Number 2: Broadband Internet

One thing I hate is when I’m in the car on my laptop and can’t access the Internet. You can get Broadband Internet from Verizon and some other places that will give you access to the Internet wherever the phone service gets a signal. Really useful if you travel a lot and need to access the Internet.

Number 1: Keyboard and Screen Protectors

This can actually be used for a desktop, also. Did you know that dust or crumbs can fry the insides of your laptop? There are a lot of them around; just make sure you get a good branded one because some don’t stick long. They retail for about $20 per pack.