Top 3 Brands That Refuse To Support Linux

Why is it that we can manage to sway countless hardware manufacturers into looking our way yet those who work in other business circles continue to ignore Linux to the point of almost being laughable? Today, we will highlight these companies, just to remind them how their decisions are costing them money.

World of Warcraft: Keeping People On Windows One Expansion Pack At a Time. Now, it’s true that World of Warcraft is also supported on the Mac, yet those who wish to play the very popular game are left to band-aid solutions like WINE-based options including Crossover Office and Cedega. Considering its Mac compatibility, I fail to see why there has been zero effort to get this ported to Linux. Failed Linux games in the past have largely been due to those games presenting a lack of popularity and a lack of cross platform multi-player participation.

Gametap: Taking Dated, Otherwise Forgotten Games Back to the PC Platform… Not Just Linux. Here’s another vendor who has managed to port its offerings to OS X, but it chooses to ignore Linux completely. The idea behind not releasing a Linux client is just plain stupid, especially considering the sheer number of adopters using various Linux distributions all over the world right now. Personally, I might be interested in taking Gametap’s wares for a spin, had it bothered to include me by offering support for my operating system.

I can understand there are some challenges in developing a client for Linux. But c’mon, it’s not like it’s impossible to do. Again, I would point to the Mac and the belief that Mac users will spend money on what they have to offer, yet Linux users will not. This, my friends, is a mistake.

Netflix, Why Did You Do It? I would be interested in knowing who came up with the brilliant plan to use ActiveX just to rent videos for online viewing? Microsoft’s idea, perhaps? Possibly, or maybe the MPAA. Either way, both Linux users and anyone else not using Internet Explorer are going to find that they are stuck with the need for ActiveX no matter what. Well, either that or renting DVDs, which defeats the purpose altogether.

I would point out again, Netflix was asked to use a restrictive technology like this by the MPAA or a like-minded body of fools as to make sure they could control the content and monitor the platform simultaneously. Did it help? Not at all.

Enjoying What Everyone Else Off of Linux Takes for Granted. There is no question that leading the life of a Linux user is not as obstacle free as it is for those using Windows. It’s not because Windows is a better OS mind you, but some companies still believe we live in a Windows world. Well, guess what, I cannot remember the last time a Windows-based desktop sold out in such a short time like this.

Sure, these may not be gaming machines, but you know something, I’m willing to bet they can support the ability to watch movies, if nothing else. Hint, hint, Netflix.

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