Top 5 Tips For Staying Comfortable While Surfing The Net At Home

Gnomie Alan from Dublin writes:

Dear Chris,

I recently discovered your videos on YouTube and have been a fan ever since. I especially enjoy your top 5 videos and decided to compile my own top 5 list for you.

  1. Get your heat levels right. There’s nothing worse than being too hot or too cold while surfing the Web or trying to relax at home. If it’s cold outside, a great tip is to turn your heating on before you go out. That way when you get home from school or work, your house is warm and immediately inviting to you. If it’s summer time it’s a good idea to have a fan in your room or office to keep the air circulating so it doesn’t get too stuffy.
  2. Air freshener. Computers generate a lot of heat, which leads to a lot of hot air. This doesn’t smell too good. Keep a can of air freshener in your office and use it regularly. I also like to burn scented candles as they help me to relax. Cinnamon is nice. Be careful not to burn candles too close to your computer equipment, though!
  3. Get a good chair. Chris, I see you have what looks like an extremely comfy chair (as do I). It’s important that your chair is not only comfortable, but also ergonomic and functional. By ergonomic I mean a chair that encourages good posture so you don’t develop back problems later in life. Swivel chairs are good if you move around a lot in your workspace so you don’t necessarily have to get up from the chair.
  4. Clothes. There’s nothing more comfortable than an oversized hoodie and fuzzy slippers. Buy a hoodie a size larger than what you normally wear and you’ll be amazed at how snug and warm it feels. Also buy big fuzzy slippers that look like bear’s feet. My girlfriend got me some for Christmas with claws on and I can tell you I never take them off at home — they’re just sooo comfortable!
  5. Buy a big mug. Get yourself a big mug for your tea or coffee. I have a huge one with Scooby Doo on it that I bought for myself because I was tired of boring old standard mugs. For some reason it’s a lot more comforting to drink coffee from my own mug.

Anyway, those are my top tips for staying comfortable at home. I hope you like them and find a use for some of them. Thanks for the cool videos and for educating us all!