Finally got my Xbox 360 back

It’s been over a month since I have been waiting for my 360. It probably wouldn’t of taken that long if I sent it back to Microsoft. The way I went to get a new 360 is that I got insurance from Circuit City when I bought it from there. So I had to ship it to them so they can check it and see if I needed a gift card so I can get another one. I did do this before because this was my second 360 that got the red lights. The first time I did it, I sent it off to Circuit City, they got it, they checked it, and then sent me a gift card. After I received my gift card I went to go buy another at the store. Now this time around I went through the same thing but the only reason that I wasn’t able to get one just as fast is that I wanted to get one right after the Holiday season when there all out. I did wait a month but at least I was able to upgrade to the Elite so it wasn’t all that bad and I was still gaming with my Wii and Ps3, but I did miss out on some gaming with my 360 like Call of Duty 4. I was able to play other games on my PS3 which was great because the ones I played were great. So I will try now to take a look at more PS3 games because there are some great games to play that I might of missed.