Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 – How Will It Work For You?

During the past few weeks there have been many reports of how the RTM version of Service Pack #1 for the Windows Vista operating system has performed on various systems. But there is one thing that hasn’t been mentioned. How will SP1 perform on your system? This question will only be answered after you install the fix on your system.

So why won’t SP1 perform the same on every system on the entire planet? One must remember the magnitude of the different systems that are currently using the Windows Vista operating system. Hardware variations alone are enormous. Than add the different types of software we employ on our systems and this number of differences grows immensely.

Once SP1 becomes available for installation for the masses, here is what is going to happen.  Some will experience immediate performance enhancements and will report glowing stories about how wonderful Vista now is and that life in general has improved. The second group of installers will report mega problems that will be beyond anything one could imagine.

But for the majority of us, that being 51% and above, the fix will be a non-event. We should see some improvements in performance, a more responsive system and in general Vista should be a bit more snappy for many of us. The biggest question is…….. should I install the service pack?

I think you should. There will be many enhancements that should make your Vista experience more enjoyable.

Comments welcome.

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