Top 5 Tips

Hi guys, thought I’d decide to make my own own top 5 tips on the sport of bowling, so I hope you’ll enjoy it! (This applies to the bowling enthusiast, the league bowler, or the person who just wants to get better!)

Tip #1: Don’t rush! I recently had to switch the way I bowled a little due to the fact that I was going too fast!

Tip #2: Don’t lose your temper! You’ll begin to really bowl a lot worse and you’ll look like a fool because everyone is staring at you

Tip #3: Pay attention! If it’s your time to bowl and you don’t know it…you might lose your frame if that’s the case.

Tip #4: Know your equipment! Know its limitations before you bowl in that league and get to know the ball a bit.

Tip #5: Enjoy yourself! Be happy and have a positive attitude. It helps you keep your focus so you can do better.