Super Delegates May Mean That Clinton Has the Nomination Despite Obama’s Wins

Thankfully, we are seeing momentum build in Barack Obama’s campaign with a parade of victories that have given him the upper edge. This is partially due to Hilary Clinton’s arrogant attitude that only the states with the most delegates at stake matter to her campaign. However, what it says to the rest of us is that her intention is to represent only those states and to heck with the rest of us.

While Ms Clinton appears to feel that all she needs are the delegates and to heck with the voters it is not surprising that Obama’s charisma has sliced across the nation forging a new electorate that crosses across party, gender, economic and ethnic lines. However, it is frightening to think that despite the fact that Obama could continue to win state after state the Democratic Party could still force Senator Clinton on us as the Democratic candidate come November.

How could this happen? Easily. If Obama cannot win all of the remaining states by a margin of 60% or better it will result in neither Clinton nor him having enough delegates to secure the nomination. In this event the party uses what they term Super Delegates. These delegates are rich, powerful men within the party with built-in agendas of their own. Example: Bill Clinton is a Super Delegate. Who do you think he is going to support? These super delegate’s votes basically wipe out all of the other delegates votes meaning that they get to put up whoever they choose despite the choice of the nation.

To me this is unacceptable. I believe that given the fact that Mr. Obama has went undefeated in states across the country, in many cases by big margins over Hillary Clinton, it time that the Democratic party coalesce around his candidacy since it appears that Democratic voters have broken in favor of him.

Another element in favor of Obama is that he is the candidate most likely to be acceptable to Republican voters whose apathy towards the Republican candidates was obvious with the poor turnout of GOP voters in the Potomac primaries. These voters who detest Senator Clinton actually found her an asset to their bid for the 2008 presidency but given facing Obama they find themselves split knowing that he actually has something fresh and new to offer the country during these troubling times. Something no one expects from Lobbyists and Big Company owned Clinton. After all how does one really expect her presidency to be any different than her almost impeached husband’s presidency given that they owe the same people for helping them get into office?

The question then becomes why wouldn’t the Democratic Party back Barack Obama? Why wouldn’t the super delegates choose to vote for the good of the country and to basically secure their win of the White House come November? One can only assume that the Clinton’s have found a way to buy off, through promises of power, these same delegates. Scary? You bet, but the only way Senator Clinton can feel so confident about ignoring so much of the electorate is to assume that she is in control of these super delegates.

What can you do to prevent Senator Clinton from stealing the Democratic nomination? If  you haven’t already voted make sure that you get out to vote. Don’t allow apathy or Obama’s current lead to give you a false sense of security. If you have already voted consider donating to his campaign. He does need your support since being a man for the people he is not accepting any bribes from lobbyists or big companies.

However, if you do not agree with my support of this candidate, at least let your voice be heard and make sure to vote come the November 2008 election.

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