Top 5 Media Players For XP

Gnomie TechMarshal from the chat room writes in with his top five favorite media players for XP:

  1. VLC: There is only one major reason that this is in my number one spot: it plays SEVERAL media formats. It even plays *.flv files. It is also a very small program that doesn’t take up much disk space or slow down your computer.
  2. Rhapsody: Rhapsody supports music videos and pictures. It also has a music subscription service. The only drawback that I can find with this program is that if you download music from Rhapsody it comes in *.rax format, which is very difficult to convert to mp3 and/or mp4.
  3. Windows Media Player: This is Microsoft’s creation and it did not do a bad job by any means. It is a very sleek, nice looking program and it is used with multiple mp3 players out on the market today. It supports quite a few music formats, which is always a good thing. It also does video and pictures.
  4. Winamp: This is an alternative for Windows Media Player haters. It has nice features like custom skins and it also plays multiple formats. It is also an alternative to iTunes in the sense that you can use it to sync music to your iPod.
  5. iTunes: This is a very popular media player and has a lot of content for downloads, but it can be slow and it uses a ton of virtual memory if you have a lot of songs. Another disadvantage of using iTunes is that it does not support very different types of formats for video and audio. iTunes also doesn’t have a music subscription service, which I know Chris is waiting for.