More Time Needed In School?

Today, Tom asks:

I have recently been studying in the Networking area of I.T. I have finished my MCSA and have done various Linux Networking papers, which include Bind and working on Novel with console 1.

The thing i was wondering about was which way i should go with this? I could go looking for jobs now with my current networking knowledge, or keep studying for a while and get more Linux under my belt, maybe some Cisco too.

Just thinking which path would be the best to go down. (Microsoft or Linux)

More is better, especially when each offering is different from one another. If financially possible, I think it might be worthwhile to expand on everything here you listed. While I may be wrong here, I believe getting some Cisco under your belt only works to improve your resume. And of course, adding more Linux experience helps as well.

Another thing to consider is what the industry is currently looking for in your current area? Is there a trend going one direction vs another in coming years, who knows. Perhaps the readers would care to expand on this with their own thoughts?

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