How to buy a domain name!

I cannot believe what a day i have had looking for a webhost and a domain name. I have tried multiple sites like Godaddy, Hostica, Hostmonster, and the list just goes on and on. Trying to find the right deal just makes it even harder. Other difficulties include bandwidth, disk space, subdomains, the actual domains, and a ton of other stuff.

All three of these domain registrar sites i know are trusted to a certain degree, but honestly how do you know which company is going to follow through with their promises and commitments. At the moment i am leaning to Godaddy. I have also heard of a new site called Webair. I still have to look up more information for these sites, and attempt to make my decision before i konk out.

     I am also amazed with the amount of domain availability. For me it is taking ages to find a good but affordable domain name for my website. I have tried at least ten variations of one domain name but have only found 3 that actually work. Unfortunately those three domains in my opinion are not the choices that fulfil my needs.

     I would also like to here all of your opinions on this matter. What idea’s do you have. Do you know any other websites that have there specialty in domain registration? Any cheaper rates that i have missed?

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