Defrag Your USB Drive – Yes or No?

I recalled several months ago one of the loyal readers, I believe it was Don Naphen, who asked whether defrag a USB drive would improve performance. I responded that to defrag of a USB drive was not necessary which I still feel is correct. But during the past several months I have read in some of the forums that folks are recommending to defrag USB drives. With this in mind I thought I would post the question and see what everyone thinks.

Here is my take of why USB drives do not need to be defragged. First of all fragmented files on a hard disk is casued by the read write head banging all over the hard disk. In a USB drive there is no mechanical arm and fragmented files can be found quickly no matter how they are stored. Next is the limited life of a USB drive. If you defrag a USB you may actually shorten the life of the drive itself.

So there you have it. Defrag or not – you decide.

Give us your opinion on what you think is correct for a USB drive.

Comments welcome.

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