ThinkPad X300 Challenges the MacBook Air

Lenovo has introduced the ThinkPad X300. It is a challenge for the MacBook Air in terms of weight, size and features:

“…Weighing started at 2.93 pounds. Lenovo claims ThinkPad X300 is more feature-rich than Apple’s 3-pound MacBook Air. Lenovo has included three USB drives and an ultrathin DVD burner, while MacBook Air has only one USB drive and no optical drive. With a DVD-RW drive, the X300 weighs 3.13 pounds, Lenovo said.”

link: Lenovo Unveils Ultrathin ThinkPad X300 Laptop

Buyers for this niche category must be very wealthy. The X300 starts at a heart thumping price of two thousand eight hundred dollars ( …$2,799.00). – And I thought the MacBook Air was expensive at eighteen hundred dollars. By comparison, the MacBook Air seems like almost a bargain.

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations

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