Yahoo Launches Digg Competitor and Opens Up Search

Yahoo has announced to big projects recently. The first is Yahoo Buzz, a Digg-like site featuring stories from a select number of sources. This is the biggest difference between Digg and Buzz, users cannot submit stories on Buzz. Users can only Buzz up (or down) a story. Yahoo not only incorporates the number of Buzzes, but also how many users are sharing the story, and the traffic of the related search term. This would help Buzz break stories faster, since more people are likely to search for a news story than click Buzz.

Yahoo also said that some of the top stories from Buzz will appear on the Yahoo homepage. According to TechCrunch, Wired recieved 2 million visitors from a story on Yahoo’s homepage after only two hours.

Yahoo other announcement was Open Search, a plan to open up their search results. Webmasters will be able to use meta data to add information into the Yahoo search results. For example, a restaurant review from Yelp appeared like a traditional result before (top picture). Now the result will show a picture and some extra information provided by Yelp (bottom picture).

Yahoo Open Search Before
Yahoo Open Search After
This feature is fairly similar to Google’s Subscribed Links, but is more visible in two ways. Yahoo said some of these extras will be enabled for all users, and others will be available by choice. It also is changing the appearance of the actual results. Google’s service just adds extra content above the results. This data is also likely to draw more eyes to any site that displays it, which will most likely lead to more traffic.