Sasha Vujacic: Rough Day at the Office

The L.A. Lakers and Dallas Mavericks were on national television on Sunday, in a game that seem to have playoff intensity. The Lakers won in overtime: 108 – 104. Kobe Bryant scored fifty two (52) points. He could have used a bit more help from Sasha Vujacic.

Sasha had a rough day at the office. In thirty two minutes, he shot ten (10) three point shots – and made one of them. That is far off what he has been shooting from long range. However, the problem shooting was not Sasha’s only concern. At times, he was guarding Jason Kidd and it was a challenge. Sasha is bigger and younger than Jason Kidd but he was not able to contain the Mavericks point guard.

Too many times Jason Kidd just left Sasha scrambling. Sasha Vujacic is not that first defender that Jason Kidd has mystified and he won’t be the last. It does, however, point to a deficit that the Lakers have had and continue to have. The Lakers have trouble with stopping point guards. Jason Kidd is not the fastest point guard nor is he a prolific scorer. He, along with Steve Nash, may be among the most crafty of the point guards.

In the post season play, the Lakers will face excellent point guards. If the defenders cannot defend the point guards and let them roam, the front line players will have foul problems. Sasha Vujacic will have better days with his shot. However, the Lakers’ post season fortunes may depend on how well he, Derek Fisher and Jordan Farmar can defend. Perhaps the Sunday lessons that Jason Kidd dispensed will inspire. It’s not fun to be embarrassed on national television.

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations

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