Which Server Is Best To Serve?

Today Wayne asks:

At work i run a windows network with 112 workstations with a windows 2000 server (Active Dir). been toying with the idea of using a Linux Server instead.. but it does not seem to afford the power of managing profiles they way 2000 server does........ is there any work around this that will give me the power of a full domain system with Linux server?

As much as this may surprise you, I generally prefer to keep things pure. So if you have a working Windows network, I can’t see a lot of benefit in adding or replacing a server with Linux server in that network. For my money and time, I would just look at one of the existing Microsoft options if getting things up to date is a consideration. Otherwise, why add a potential problem where there currently is none. If this was a web server, that would be one thing. But this sounds like something local.

As for the Lockergnome community, they may have some ideas to take this even further. Perhaps specific recommendation that counters my own. So with that, let’s see what the community thinks.

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