Firefox 3 or IE8?

Firefox or IE8? One or the other? Maybe both? With both browsers having new versions I figured I would try to put them up to each other to see if one stands out more then the other. After 10 minutes installing, a reboot, and customizing my settings, IE8 is ready to roll. Bearing in mind that this is the Beta version, they have added a handful of new features. Some new things are “Webslices” which allow a user to make a tab in the links bar for a site. Upon scrolling over the tag, a smaller window will pop up and show what you subscribed to. What’s nice is the information in the tag will change when content on that site is updated. Another feature I noticed was the ability to “Emulate IE 7”. This will change the new looks of IE 8 back to the old. There are a few bugs I personally noticed, Sometimes text doesn’t load all the way leaving words choppy or gone. A few times it wouldn’t load pages at all. It also locked up when I tried to close out. After hearing people having problems with it the only troubles I have had are the earlier stated and a slower boot up. Being the first Beta release it wasn’t as bad as I had expected. Hopefully they can fix the bugs and dish out a solid browser.

On to Firefox. This is the 4th Beta release from Firefox 3. Honestly installing and surfing has been much smoother. The install was much quicker then Explorer, less time taken, and no reboot needed. Upon opening it you notice a minor facelift in the default skin. The drop down boxes and download windows are a bit different and quite attractive and noticeable. Once again this release is for developers and designers, but open to anyone. I took a gander at the release notes and learned there have been over 900 enhancements from the last beta. So after reading through and noticing some things aren’t accessible on the web yet. (Windows Live, and some add-ons and plug-ins not working properly.) I haven’t had any problems with text, or loading websites in general, except for Windows Live, and Gmail. A lot of the updates aren’t noticeable to the eye but they are updating things like SSL, Virus and Spyware protection, and for those running Vista, they have added Parental Controls to go along with your OS. So far I am impressed with this. Once again if Mozilla keeps working they will release a great browser.

Keep in mind these are Beta releases, for people whom aren’t familiar with that term, it means its not ready to be used as a full browser, so stick with what you are currently using until the full versions of these browsers are released.


IE Beta download

Firefox Beta download